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Localisation of technical manuals in Structured FrameMaker

Our client is a major IT player specialised in developing software for the analysis and visualisation of industrial computed tomography (CT) data.

To keep their worldwide users up to date with the latest product features and innovations, their technical authors tend to write multiple training documentation using Structured FrameMaker (FM). Omnicis was called in for the localisation of the training pack which included 4 manuals of 300 pages each, 20 tutorials and graphical user interfaces (GUI) which all needed translation and localisation in their original format. For the purpose of this case study, we will focus on the localisation of the technical manuals only. 

The Challenge
As their technical authors were continually updating the Master files with new features and products, our client’s main priority was to translate the new and modified content in the documentation correctly and consistently without paying for the re-translation of the entire manuals each time. Furthermore, with the introduction of Asian languages, it was equally important to handle automatic generation of index entries and the use of different ordering system correctly without corruption in Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

Given the complexity and sheer volume of the files, our client was looking for a reliable language service provider with proven technical expertise and experience in handling translation and typesetting of large FrameMaker manuals into European and Asian languages.

The Solution
At first, we developed a streamlined translation and typesetting process for each file type in line with our client delivery requirements.

In order to meet the requested deadlines and technical requirements, Omnicis’ engineering teams worked closely with our client’s developers to create a custom script and agree on formatting rules for the FM files, which would help preserve the layout of each respective manual and speed up both the localisation process and creation of the 4 separate manuals.

Once the files were prepared for translation by our engineers, a dedicated Project Manager, with the support of our Global Vendor Managers, lined up a team of technical translators and proofreaders across 4 different time zones. Throughout the translation and proofreading process, all teams were working with our translation memory system to identify all new/updated text, leverage previously translated content and ensure consistency across the different books. Thanks to the efficient use of the script and predefined formatting rules (text size, fonts, page breaks), our specialist DTP (Desktop Publishing) team recreated all 4 manuals for each language within days based on the Master files while ensuring that the table of contents and index entries were correctly generated in all languages without character corruption.

As part of our quality process, all files were reviewed and checked for completeness and consistency by our internal QA teams. 

The Outcome
Our client achieved significant cost savings thanks to the efficient use of our translation memory system which helped identify the new and modified text for translation. With our strong technical background and ability to create custom processes to maximise efficiency and reduce time-to-market, all files were delivered within days instead of weeks, giving our client’s sales and technical teams peace of mind and time to focus on higher value tasks, three years in a row!

"We would highly recommend working in partnership with Omnicis teams who have been providing us with high quality translation and localisation services over the past 6 years. A big “Danke schön” for your commitment, efficiency and super can-do attitude!”  

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