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Multilingual Voiceover recording of a corporate video 

Pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide turn to our client's innovative products to solve their most challenging process cleaning and validation problems.

After a series of localisation projects involving both their corporate communications and HR teams, our client’s French office approached Omnicis to localise their new corporate video which will be published on their website and other channels to target their high-growth Mexican, Brazilian and Chinese markets.

The Challenge

The project involved the translation of a script, subtitling and localisation of various Flash animations into Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Simplified Chinese. We received a video in French which included a male narrator voice and 4 separate interviewees.  In addition to the scope of translating a script with pharmaceutical terminology, our client requested that we provided a dial-in facility so their local representatives in Mexico City, Sau Paulo and Singapore were able to supervise and listen to the recording sessions.

The Solution

The first priority was to provide our client with high quality voice samples of in-country professional voiceover artists while the script was being translated and Flash animations localised by our engineering teams. When the local representatives confirmed their selection of VO artists, it was important to carefully plan and book in advance the artists and local studios’ times while taking into account the four different time zones where our client will be calling from. As part of our standard VO localisation process, we always ensure that professional artists are booked in-country thus saving time and money on travel arrangements to London or other regional offices.

With nearly 10 years of experience in the localisation of multilingual video files, our Project Managers understand the importance of preparing comprehensive instructions to brief the selected artists on the required tone of voice, pace, pronunciation of brand/product names and style so they could perform their role correctly.

Despite various schedule changes from the local representatives, our team were able to work around new timelines with local artists to keep the project on track and proceed with the recordings without further delay. Each representative was able to connect via Skype and listen to the live recording sessions together with our Quality Controller. The completed recordings were carefully checked by a third party linguist for accuracy and completeness before delivering the localised mp3 files.

The Outcome 

Our client was really pleased with the results of the first sessions and decided not to attend subsequent recordings of the interviewees’ voices thus confirming their trust and confidence in our ability to deliver professional VO localisation services right the first time. Their designated video production agency praised the efficiency and quality of our delivery as they only had to import files that were perfectly synched with the video into their editing programs which helped reduce their workload and minimise the need for editing languages they did not speak.

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