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Transcreation and Copywriting for a luxury brand

Our client is a global leader in the creation of high end Fragrances and Flavours. The luxury perfumery, cosmetics and F&B industries use their products as main ingredients.

As part of their ongoing challenge to maintain their market-leading position, they decided to launch a new brand identity which included a new storyline, DNA guidelines and eight core brand themes. Omnicis was brought in to provide transcreation and copywriting services of all these assets into 9 languages including Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin and Brazilian Portuguese.

The Challenge

Behind each asset, there was a story, an idea and a strong message designed to engage their audience and attract new talent so our creative teams had to come up with compelling content for each target group and market while ensuring consistency with the original brand promise and tonality. It was equally important to deliver content that could be reused consistently in all brand communications and touchpoints.

The Solution

For each local market, we put together an expert team of creative writers and linguists supervised by our lead Creative Director in London. In line with our client brief and brand guidelines, our team focused on recreating the original corporate style through emotive storytelling in their respective language. For each brand theme, our copywriters proposed up to 3 suitable options along with their English back translation and rationale. This enabled our client to select the copy that matched their brand objectives most closely. Upon approval of the localised themes, we were tasked with transcreating and editing longer copies such as DNA guidelines and other statements that formed part of the new brand identity pack.

The Outcome 

Satisfied with the final copies we delivered, our client has been able to use and leverage continuously our local adaptations in all their internal and external documentations such as annual reports, press releases, sustainability reports, quarterly newsletters and HR communications. As their ongoing language partner, every single translation and transcreation order is checked against these approved assets which are centralised in a secure platform accessible to their teams only thus ensuring brand consistency across their 82 regional offices.

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Case Studies

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