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Translating urgent tender documents for the Aviation services

As a market leader in their field of flight calibration and inspections, our client is continually looking to expand their portfolio by tendering for new contracts across the world.

Omnicis was brought in to provide linguistic assistance in English and Portuguese in response to a tender worth more than tens of millions of pounds.

The Challenge

As it is often the case, tender opportunities and documents are usually available via e-procurement sites where tenderers need to submit their offers in the language of the requesting company or public authority within a short timeframe. This is where we come in to assist our client with high quality language services throughout the response process.

The Solution

To help our client make a strong business case and a winning response, we booked one of our most senior linguists who travelled to their office for onsite support. Prior to his visit, our Project Manager ensured that the linguist reviewed all reference material to understand our client’s line of business and how the information needed to be presented on the portal. Once on site, he worked closely with the relevant team to translate the online questionnaire and instructions into English before inputting their response in Portuguese directly on to the portal.

Following this first assignment, we received all supporting documents which were carefully translated by the same onsite linguist and reviewed by our lead editor for accuracy and fluency. As usual, our QA team proofread the entire response pack to ensure the commercial aspect of the proposal and the company’s technical competencies were correctly conveyed in Portuguese before final submission on the portal.

The Outcome 

Our client was awarded the 3-year contract and received excellent feedback from the local authorities who were impressed with the timely submission despite the short notice and a proposal that “read as if it was originally written in Portuguese”. This proposal has been reused as a template for subsequent applications and tenders in Portugal with success and we have been helping our client win other contracts in Tunisia, Kuwait and most recently Belgium.

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Case Studies

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