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Oil, Gas & Energy

Localisation of a CMS-based website for the Energy Sector

Our client is an award-winning leader in the manufacture of high-performance gas generators who required localisation of their newly-revamped English website.

Omnicis was selected to localise the website after successfully delivering the translation of various marketing collateral including leaflets, product catalogues and brochures.

The Challenge

Our client required direct translation of the website from the Content Management System (CMS) in order to preserve the integrity of the content and prevent any manual copy-paste workload. They also insisted on using copies that we previously translated for reference as the website included extensive information on their industry expertise and product range which required accurate and consistent translation while reproducing the new tone and voice of their online brand message.

The Solution

Having worked with this client for several years, it was easy for our Project Manager to search our project management database and line up a team of linguists with previous translation experience of their marketing documents.

In keeping with our client’s main priority of consistency, the selected team was first tasked with creating and translating a glossary of key terms against the existing translation memory. This helped speed up the translation process and identify product names that needed to remain in English.

As we were required to translate directly from the CMS tool, it was important for the team to familiarise with the tool through training and testing prior to the start of the process. This was essential to identify potential issues related to the layout or display of regional script such as Mandarin.

Our project team then developed an integrated workflow which allowed our linguists to translate the text in-situ with a preview of the final content in HTML format. This real-time preview option also helped to prevent language expansion on smaller areas of text on the website such as banners and buttons where there was a character length restriction.

As part of our standard quality processes, the overall translation was checked for fluency and consistency by our proofreading teams. And our internal QA team was also responsible for carrying out a thorough sanity check before the official site launch to look out for potential text corruption or layout issues.

The Outcome 

Our client was pleased with the timely and consistent delivery which was optimised thanks to an efficient use of an experienced team and a seamless integration of our workflow with their CMS tool. With the creation and approval of a glossary at the early stages of the process, the local validation team were able to approve the translated content in-situ with complete confidence.

"We worked with Omnicis to deliver the translation of our website. We found them to be very helpful and finished the project within the timescales given."

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