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Localisation of e-learning modules into Russian, Chinese and Arabic

Our client is one of the world’s largest chemical company that has a diverse array of product offerings and employs more than 60,000 people worldwide. 

As part of their continuous development programme, they partnered with an external organisation to develop an interactive training programme for their Nutrition & Health management teams in the Gulf, Russia and China.

The Challenge
The project was divided into 3 training modules which were accessible via their Learning Management System (LMS). We were required to translate and localise various assets including text in xml, audio scripts as well as media files (120 mp3 files, still images and Flash animations). In addition to the specialist terminology used across the files, our client was looking for a reliable partner with proven technical expertise and experience in localising e-learning courses into Arabic, Russian and Simplified Chinese.

The Solution
Given the tight timeframe and sheer volume of file types to process, Omnicis put together a dedicated team of project managers and engineers supervised by an Operations Director experienced in managing complex projects, to ensure the smooth running and successful delivery of the project.

Following a thorough analysis of the files, a detailed timetable of staggered deliveries per module was shared with our client so they could firm up training dates with their local managers.

With nearly 10 years of experience localising complex files in virtually any language script, our onsite engineering teams had no trouble in preparing all relevant assets for translation including the source English build which required special attention to accommodate Arabic right-to-left layout.

The first priority of our PM team was to provide our client with high quality voice samples of in-country professional voice-over (VO) artists while our subject-specialist translation and proofreading teams started the translation of the script and prepared files. Once each local validation team had confirmed their selection of VO artists, it was important to carefully plan and book in advance local studios, allowing enough time for the selected artists to receive the translated script and rehearse their parts correctly.

Upon completion of the translation and recording process, audio files were checked for accuracy and completeness against the script by native speakers while our QA team focused on the remaining files (xml, images and Flash) before their integration into the build.

As part of our standard quality control processes, our final step involved a linguistic and functional testing of each build by native speakers to look out for potential text corruption or truncation or overlap issues.

The Outcome
Each module was released on schedule and our client confirmed their trust and confidence in our ability to deliver professional e-Learning localisation services right the first time by entrusting us with the localisation of the same build into Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese.

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