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Translating large volume of documents for a Big Four firm

One of the Big Four audit firms approached Omnicis as they urgently required the translation of multiple scanned accounting documents.

These were needed for evaluation by a potential buyer before proceeding with company acquisition.

The Challenge

After assisting our client with high quality interpreting services throughout the negotiation process between the Seller and the potential buyer, a large volume of French documents pertaining to the seller needed to be translated by specialist financial linguists. All translation had to be completed during the Christmas break before the start of the new year when all parties involved had to reunite to proceed with the final stages of the acquisition process.

Needless to say that consistency and accuracy of the information were paramount for a correct evaluation of the selling company’s financials. Furthermore, it was equally important to retain all information confidential and reproduce the layout as per the original files which included hundreds of scanned tables with non-editable text and numbers.

The Solution

To meet the tight deadline, Project Managers from our 3 regional offices in the UK, US and Singapore worked together to prepare a schedule of staggered deliveries per day based on a detailed list of pages to prioritise. We put together a team of linguists specialised in financial translation and based in 3 different time zones.

Working in close collaboration with our technical team, our Project Managers successfully converted the scanned documents into an editable and translatable format before splitting them between the team thanks to a unique proprietary software. This helped reduce significantly time spent on heavy formatting and manual copying and pasting thus enabling our translators to focus entirely on the linguistic part and delivery of high quality English documents.

As part of our standard translation service, a senior editor was lined up to check all translations for accuracy, consistency and fluency while our internal QA team was responsible for verifying the completeness and final layout of the documents after all sections previously split were merged back together by the technical team.

The Outcome 

Our client and the seller were not only impressed with our timely delivery but grateful for our team’s flexibility during one of the most important festive seasons of the year.

"I have used Omnicis translation services on a number of occasions during the past three years and I am very satisfied with the quality of the service rendered, and the ability to mobilise translation resources on short notice." Torben Foss, PwC

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