Retail & E-commerce

Retail & E-commerce


Most successful retailers understand the need to build connections between their brand and their customers around the world. They spend a lot of time, effort and money to create the ultimate shopping experience but it’s the way they communicate with the customers and prospects that will usually define the success of their relationship and translate into revenues.

This is where Omnicis comes in to facilitate communication and help you engage with all your stakeholders in their preferred languages and channels thanks to our multi-channel translation and localisation solutions (online, mobile, in-store and customer support interactions).

Grow revenues with Localisation
The global retail market is expecting to reach 28 trillion USD by 2019 and two thirds of the world's top retailers now operate globally, targeting 12 countries on average and generating nearly a quarter of their overall revenues from customers abroad.

Omnicis was originally founded as a marketing localisation firm so we understand first-hand the potential risks and challenges associated with translating your brand message into successful global campaigns.

Through a global network of linguists carefully handpicked in each market, we provide clients in the retail and e-commerce industry with a full suite of multi-channel language services to drive their success in the global marketplace.

>>International Marketing
Translation of studies and questionnaires
Interpreting of In-depth interviews and focus groups
 Branding & Cultural adaptation
Translation of legal documents, contracts and agreements
Localisation of POS systems and signage
Translation of training materials
Multilingual Typesetting of all print collateral
Transcreation of adverts/banners and other promotional materials
Website localisation with in-country SEO support
Localisation and testing of new mobile apps
Localisation of e-learning courses
Translation of all correspondence
Remote and Face-to-Face interpreting (meetings, interviews, integration/welcome parties)
Transcription of interviews, minutes
Glossary and style guides for brand consistency

 Our most recent work includes: 

  • Weekly transcreation and proofreading service for a leading European fashion retailer (12 markets)
  • Professional Simultaneous interpreting and equipment rental for a New facility opening event in Indonesia 
  • Focus Group Interpreting for a major electronics retailer (4 European + 3 Asian markets)
  • Website localisation for a major provider of splinting products (7 markets)
  • Simultaneous Interpreting for a Consumer shop-along experience and In-Depth Interview in key retail outlets (2 markets)
  • Localisation of new mobile apps for a major online provider of healthcare/orthopaedics products (5 markets)

If you are thinking about taking your e-commerce business abroad or are looking to expand into new markets, get in touch with Omnicis who will help you engage effectively with your customers while ensuring brand consistency across all channels and regions.

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