Typesetting & Localisation

Typesetting & Localisation

For all your print, digital and web content - Localisation services

Localisation is our forte so let us focus on the small details that make the big picture while you get on with what you do best. If your content was created in a desktop publishing application, content management system or an interactive multimedia tool, we can help you share it with a wider multilingual audience through a wide range of localisation services. Omnicis provides fully-integrated services which all include rigorous quality assurance checks and testing by native-speakers before print or publication. We can help achieve the shortest turnaround times for all your global rollouts thanks to our team of specialist designers and typesetters who are strategically located in 5 regional hubs. Simplify your content localisation process by choosing one provider who can leverage integrated technology efficiently and deliver high quality results consistently. 

Multilingual Typesetting and Desktop Publishing (DTP)

If your content was created in a desktop publishing application such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator, simply send us the artwork files and we will take care of the text translation, image localisation and deliver print-ready documents in the same format. We localise all kinds of documents and printed collateral including business cards, corporate brochures, annual reports, manuals, posters and packaging. Our Desktop Publishing and Typesetting team has over 20 years of experience and can draw upon an extensive library of fonts to typeset into 100+ languages. We reproduce the same layout and format of your artwork files while paying attention to the language-specific standards and cultural differences of each market. We can handle any file format, all scripts from Roman to Right-to-Left languages in virtually any DTP applications. 

Video, Multimedia & e-learning Localisation

With fully-equipped multimedia and A/V studio partners in Asia, Africa, Europe and the US, we can take care of the whole multimedia localisation process from script translation to voice-over talent selection and recording, localisation and integration of still images, animated flash/audio files and the testing stage. This service is suitable for your e-learning programmes, training courses or corporate videos. 

Website Localisation

Thanks to the power of the web, it has never been easier to extend your global reach but developing a successful multilingual online presence can be daunting and time-consuming. At Omnicis, we have developed strong localisation capabilities and a full range of services that combine local expertise and international scalability to ensure that your content resonates well with your global audience. We localise websites in any file format including CMS and offer various services from professional translation, branding, voice-over recording of your video content, DTP of the images/Flash files as well as multilingual SEO services.

From conception to product launch - Design & Artwork Production

Whether you require the design of a new logo, website, corporate brochure or newsletter, our multilingual Artworkers and Designers will come up with the suitable design that reflects your corporate identity and resonates well with your target markets. Together with our in-country experts, our designers will work closely with your creative/marketing team or designated agency at every step of the process to deliver results that match your exact specifications.


  • Multilingual Artworkers, Designers and Solution architects across the globe for reduced time-to-market
  • Fully-integrated localisation services for efficiency and brand consistency
  • 7-day service for fast turnaround
  • Localisation of all scripts in any file format
  • Extensive library of fonts in 100+ languages
  • Proofreading, Linguistic QA and testing by native-speakers
  • Seamless localisation process and latest technology 
  • Localisation experts aware of cultural and linguistic differences







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