Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

At Omnicis, we’re passionate about delivering excellent services to our clients and fully committed to providing them with high quality solutions for their success in the global marketplace.

In keeping with that commitment, we have developed stringent quality processes throughout your project lifecycle in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17100:2015 quality standards.

Our approach involves using:

The Right Resources - Our success lies in our team and network of quality resources.

They undergo rigorous selection process and reference-checks from peers and clients prior to working on your projects.
They keep your information and documentation confidential after signing a NDA and code of conduct at the on-boarding stage.
They translate exclusively into their mother tongue and work only in specialist fields that match their qualifications and/or experience.
They receive feedback on performance to maintain and improve our high standards.
They share the same passion for excellent service and project delivery.

The Right Processes - To ensure quality of every single delivery,

We provide a dedicated account manager who ensures careful selection and planning of resources for the on-time and quality delivery of your projects.
We include a separate accuracy-checking and polishing stage by a senior linguist after each translation to ensure fluency, suitability and accuracy of the localised content as per ISO quality standards.
We carry out linguistic checks and testing after localising your multimedia, e-learning and web content before publishing.
We can easily customise our workflow to meet urgent deadlines and large projects in multiple languages without compromising quality.

The Latest technology – To reduce cost and time-to-market,

We can handle any file format from DTP packages to software applications and e-learning modules in any language thanks to an expert team of multilingual solution architects and designers in our 4 regional hubs.
We store your language assets in a dedicated database and leverage existent content at every new job order to ensure consistency, speed up translation process therefore reducing cost and time-to-market.
All our project teams share a customised cloud-based system that provides them with real-time access to your project history, requirements and team preferences, so we can offer global support 7 days a week.
Clients can submit new quote requests and keep track of their projects, invoices and project info through our password-protected portal for additional transparency and efficiency.
Our linguists and technical experts work from a dedicated portal to reduce admin work and help them focus on delivering high quality the first time round.