About Us

Our company

As our name suggests, we are a full-service global communications agency built around businesses and their needs for high quality content in multiple languages, media and markets. 

Whether you require content localisation or support from multilingual experts, Omnicis has the right solution for every step of your global marketing process.

Building on our rich heritage in marketing localisation and our experience serving businesses of all sizes including global leaders from a broad spectrum of industries, we have developed a full suite of global marketing services in more than 125 languages. We provide artwork production and typesetting, document translation, localisation of audio, video and digital content as well as professional interpreting and equipment rental for your global meetings and events.

Our approach is simple and fully integrated – we put language at the heart of everything we do. We focus on managing cultural challenges and delivering linguistic excellence so businesses can achieve success in every market, media and language they target. 

Through specialisation, our team of multilingual experts work in total synergy with in-country linguists, subject-specialists, designers and creative writers to make your content relevant in your target markets. We collaborate with a wide network of print, design and marketing agencies across the globe to deliver successful global campaigns and events.

Headquartered in London, Omnicis has international hubs in Paris, Montreal, Singapore and Dakar which enables us to offer a 7-day service and in-country local expertise essential for fast turnaround times and reduced time-to-market. 

With changing markets and increasing demand for speed and cost effectiveness, Omnicis continually invests in leveraging integrated technology and extending its global reach to deliver innovative and customised solutions  for our clients’ success in the global marketplace.